You're Asking Too Much

DANCE  like nobody's watching
LOVE  like you've never been hurt
SING like nobody's listening
LIVE like it's heaven on earth

Personal Gripe. You may have seen a sign or knickknack with words like this at work, in a store, or maybe even in your own home. Of course there is nothing wrong with having a sign of this type. It can serve as a reminder to focus on what is important, and to forget about petty worries and concerns. Thinking less about yourself IS a great way to enjoy God's creation and gift of life.


But, what about the times you feel overwhelmed and discouraged? Would you give this advice to the man whose drinking just caused him to lose another job? Is it helpful encouragement to the parents bailing a son or daughter out of jail? What about to the town in the grips of an opiate or meth epidemic? Does it soothe? Does it comfort? Is it a remedy to the pain that addiction can cause?


Nope. It falls flat.


Even most cheerful of encouragements can become a burden to the one who cannot act on the encouragement because of a limitation, or a difficult life circumstance. 


If "dancing like nobody is watching" seems too tall an order, seek Jesus. Jesus offers us rest and restoration. He welcomes us to himself. And he heals and strengthens us. 


He'll never pile us up with burdens we can't bear. He himself will bear our burdens.  


If you are going through something difficult, and try as you might you can't dance, sing, and live like this sign demands--don't worry. All Jesus requires is that you rest in him.