Here are just some of the Amazing things that have happened since the retreat!


Here are just some of the Amazing things that have happened since the retreat!

  • Crosswalk Church is in the process of updating the sermon series that launched RESILIENT: "Jesus Healer." The update will pull together the experience and deepening theological understandings that have occurred over the last 6 years of Resilient Recovery Ministry.

  • Crosswalk is also planning the first ever "Alcohol Abuse Awareness Sunday" we will be preaching from God's word about the appropriate place of alcohol in the Christian family, and we will provide free alcohol risk screenings to the entire adult congregation

  • Faith's Churches in Utah have begun to host virtual support groups, where members from around the country can use video conferencing technology to read be uplifted by God's word, and support of other Christians.

  • Conqueror's in Christ is developing anonymous online meetings for those suffering from pornography addiction, because the shame surrounding this addiction and the desire to be anonymous sometimes keeps people from getting help.

  • Cynthia's Group in Texas is going through the retreat's coaching process entitled, "The Answer to What is Why" as they create a ministry to meet the unique needs of their congregation.

  • Several People have shared that they have recommitted to sobriety and are alcohol and drug free since the retreat. Others were inspired to reconnect to support groups near their homes!

  • Phil In Wisconsin along with Special Ministries is putting together a great training entitled, "The Recovery Friendly Church" to help congregations learn what it takes to be more Christ-like to our community. 

  • Jason in Phoenix used Facebook to raise over $1000  for next years retreat in less than 5 days! He will be hosting a training in February to show you how he did it. Learn how to use facebook to self-fund your Retreat travel and Ticket.

Did I miss your exciting project or change? Email us and let us know what you are doing.


Here is how we planned.

See below for an explanation of the strategic planning session that sparked some of these ideas

Strategic Planning for the Year of Recovery

On the final day of the 2018 retreat we thought about how to make this retreat last all year long. To do this we worked through a strategic planning process.

First, we came to a consensus about a problem that faces us all. After discussing and sharing ideas, we came upon the following problem statement: “Why is church not a safe space to share?”

Let's ask ourselves.jpg

Reasons why

Next, we brainstormed a list of conditions that explain why some churches are not safe places to share our concerns, weaknesses, troubles, and sins.

As a group we voted for the top three reasons. They are:

  • Lack of leadership and teaching

  • The mission and vision is unclear.

  • The thought we have: “we need to be perfect.”



Having identified the problem statement, and developed a list of reasons why the problem exists, we turned our attention to solutions. The following is a list of solutions.

  • It needs to start with me

  • Training on Vision/Culture*

  • Praying for our leadership

  • Holding a meet the pastor night

  • Holding an alcohol awareness day on a Sunday*

  • Listening-Empathy-Validation

  • Asking “how are you?’

  • Sharing our stories

  • Opening space for two-way communication*

  • Having activities that draw people in—resource fairs/restore your rights even

  • Be your authentic self

  • Forgiveness

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Ongoing support

The leadership at Lutheran Recovery Ministries is committed to helping you and your church realize practical solutions.

Contact us if you want consultation, coaching, or technical support with any of the following:

  • Training on vision/culture. We can guide your church through a collaborative process that will result in a clear vision and mission for recovery work at your church.

  • Alcohol awareness Sunday. We can consult with your church to develop a Sunday that will change lives.

  • Opening space for two-way communication. We can share resources and train group facilitators to provide Resilient or other Christ-centered recovery meetings.


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