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Dan Solofra

Pastor Dan Solofra is the discipleship pastor at CrossWalk Lutheran Ministries in Phoenix, AZ. He has served over 25 years in pastoral ministry and is part of the CrossWalk Resilient team. Over the past 10 years Pastor Dan has been part of the Crosstrain Coaching Network equipping pastors with tools for healthy ministry.


The Art of Law and Gospel

A law and gospel approach is what sets Resilient apart from any other recovery ministry. Pastor Dan will share the art of applying gospel comfort to hearts that have been bruised and broken by addiction. He will remind us of the truth that only the gospel can bring about true and lasting change that we desperately desire.

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Anna Sherod

Anna Sherod grew up on the WELS Japan mission field, and has worked on the White Mountain Apache reservation for the last four years. She works for Kingdom Workers in a support role for international and domestic gospel work. She has worked with children in orphanages, homeless populations, and in a community devastated by earthquake and tsunami. She has a passion for serving those on the front lines of humanitarian work and ministry, and is no stranger to compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and the devil working hard to trip up ministry. She prays that everyone serving in a Resilient ministry would be comforted by the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, so that they can in turn comfort others.      



What if there was something that you could do at home, for just a few minutes, that would change the way that you process your thoughts? What if this could strengthen your ability to express yourself and manage your emotions over time?  This workshop time will cover an powerful option for self-care and expression: Journaling. Participants will briefly go over the mechanics of why journaling works, and then be encouraged to journal. If you find that your thoughts can be intrusive, or your feelings are strong but undefined or confusing, you carry the weight of other’s burdens, or you need help processing how to express experiences to others, writing your thoughts down is a wonderful way to gain perspective and grow. Prayer-journaling with a Bible open, and introducing others to the benefits of journaling will also be discussed. If you’ve always wanted to start a journal, but never given yourself the time, be assured you’ll have time to write (journals provided for those who need them) in this session.