Marlys's Story


The turning point in my life came when my three year old came to comfort me as I lie sobbing on the floor.  She held out her “blanket” to dry my tears.  What had I become?  How can I be a good Mother to this dear child?   Where could I turn for help?

In my depths of despair, I never thought to turn to my Savior.  Why?  How could he accept me with my unending list of dark sins?

Knowledge told me AA had the best track record for recovery, yet a couple meetings didn’t seem to help. In our town was a 5-Step treatment program which accepted me and I completed the program.

Since then, I’ve become closer to my Lord, hear “program” in every Sunday sermon, and know that I’m a forgiven child of a God that loves me.

The best part?  My daughter never knew she had a drunk as a Mother!